Collaborating With Nolia Mabel on our *NEW* Terrazzo Facial Bar

I have known Nicole Perullo, founder of Nolia Mabel Skin Spa in Bourne, MA, for a few years now. We met through EforAll Cape Cod, a business accelerator program for entrepreneurs. We were not from the same cohort but our businesses had a lot in common (soaps and candle sales for me, skin care product sales and treatments for Nicole) and we instantly felt a connection. Later we both joined a peer support group for entrepreneurs that meets on a monthly basis and it was in this group, discussing the various ups and downs of our businesses and sharing support and insights, that I realized; Nicole really knows her stuff! 

Nicole brings a high level of enthusiasm backed by a deep knowledge of her craft to everything she does. In an industry dominated by brands appealing to consumers’ vanity, Nicole’s objective is making their skin look and feel its very best through science. She understands the ways different ingredients work together to nourish the skin and she earns the trust and confidence of her clients by combining results driven techniques with relaxation for a truly unique and special facial experience (that I have been lucky enough to experience personally!) 

I reached out to Nicole about a collaboration because I wanted to build upon the success of my Charcoal Facial Bar and make it something truly elevated. I asked her for her dream list of ingredients for a facial bar and she had plenty to share.

Rose Hydrosol has calming properties for the skin and promotes radiance while Aloe Vera soothes, hydrates and nourishes the skin. Fans of the original Charcoal Facial Bar will recognize Activated Charcoal and Volcanic Sand that exfoliate, brighten and wash away impurities. All of this combined with Rose Clay and French Green Clay to remove excess oil and you have a well balanced and multi-faceted bar! The new and improved TERRAZZO FACIAL BAR was born!

After washing the delicate skin on your face with bar soap, it is always important to replace some of the moisture that gets rinsed away. I have been on the hunt for the perfect facial moisturizer (not too heavy, exceptionally hydrating) for years and once again, Nicole came through. Her Nolia Mabel Cucumber Elixir is a cooling, soothing moisture bomb that will wake up your senses and get you ready for the day feeling your best! I have never truly ENJOYED applying moisturizing until I tried this one. It actually feels cool to the touch thanks to the cucumber and it feels great if you happen to get a little too much sun (a frequent occurrence for fair skinned girls like me!) From Nicole's website: "Our Cucumber Elixir embodies the refreshing feeling of a Cape Cod summer where the sun shimmers off the ocean, and the cool breezes calm your soul." Yes. This is absolutely accurate.

As a solopreneur, it has been so much fun and so stimulating to collaborate with a like-minded small business owner like Nicole. The creative process always benefits from many points of view and I think that the result, the Terrazzo Facial Bar, is proof. 

Try our NEW Terrazzo Facial Bar today and don’t forget to grab a bottle of Cucumber Elixir for your perfect, simple skincare routine. And if you are near Bourne, MA, do yourself a favor and book a treatment with Nicole at the beautiful Nolia Mabel Skin Spa!

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