Luxury Bath Products

From the Shores of Cape Cod

At Atlantic Soap Company, we serve up small-batch, handmade artisan soaps from the shores of Cape Cod. We use high quality, locally sourced ingredients to create our luxurious bath products that transport you straight to the coast of the Atlantic.

Infused with the ocean

Our soaps are made with locally sourced seawater. The salt in the seawater produces a harder, longer lasting, mineral rich soap that is uniquely tied to the place it was made.

Locally Made

Handmade in Cape Cod, our small-batch products use locally sourced ingredients like ocean-farmed sugar kelp from Chatham.

Luxurious ingredients

Experience our quality ingredients like seaweed extract, volcanic black sand, sea clay, and ocean-farmed sugar kelp.

How it all Started...

Growing up spending summers by the sea planted an early seed for Atlantic Soap Co. The sounds of seagulls and crashing waves, the resilience of the rocky shores, the early morning crispness that starts each day...

After spending several years abroad and up and down the East Coast, the allure of New England brought Caroline Laye to Cape Cod in 2015. As she rediscovered her New England roots, she was struck by the entrepreneurial spirit of the Cape’s many local small business owners. Her love for baking, a background in Art History, and a job merchandising home products led her to discover the joy of soap making. 

Caroline uses her refined artistry to embed the colors, scents and sensations of the seaside into every bar of soap and product she makes. She develops luxurious recipes by infusing high quality, ocean-inspired ingredients like sugar kelp, seaweed extract, black sand and sea clay, that will transport you to the shores of the Atlantic every time you use her products.

We invite you to indulge in our luxurious hand-crafted home and bath products.

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