Nolia Mabel Skin Spa

Cucumber Elixir


Nolia Mabel's Cucumber Elixir embodies the refreshing feeling of a Cape Cod summer where the sun shimmers off the ocean, and the cool breezes calm your soul. The combination of Cucumber Extract and Kendi Seed Oil replenishes hydration while soothing inflammation and irritation, and provides an essential fatty acid to nourish the skin without feeling greasy. Cucumber Elixir is the perfect compliment to our Terrazzo Facial Bar (a collab with Nolia Mable!) First cleanse with the facial bar then moisturize with the elixir.  


A light facial moisturizer

Hydrating Serum

Post-sun soothing lotion

Directions for use: Apply to clean skin twice a day either alone or followed by your favorite moisturizer.

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